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Fall/Winter 2013



on inspiration, and evolution

This season marks the start of something new. I feel a bit like an explorer out surveying the uncharted territory of my creativity, returning home triumphant at the discovery of new, fertile lands.

Sometimes we erect barriers for ourselves that don’t actually exist. This collection was about letting go of my self-determined artistic limits in lieu of having more fun, engaging in a little self-indulgence, and challenging myself to try harder still.

The result is a sculptural collection of more complex tabletop forms, and our first wearable designs. Each piece brought me away from the wheel to carve, mold, or otherwise hand-form an element of the design. Think of it as a celebration of the best
tool of all (hands).

I hope you enjoy where Pigeon Toe is headed as much as I do.


A huge and special thanks to the  owners and employees of Manor Fine Wares, who allowed us to shoot in their space and have our run of the most amazing ‘prop room’ imaginable.

Art direction by the amazing Courtney Price. We should all be so lucky to live within the universes she creates.